Access to Working English

Evaluation of competencies

English in the workplace should work for you. We believe in making the English language accessible to all professionals in all sectors of industry. Employees at all levels of your organisation should be able to access clear English, and should feel confident about their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Even technical documents should not be intimidating and should be read and understood by all.

We provide a thorough evaluation of your Working English; the spoken and written English that’s used every day by all your employees, and provide recommendations that will help your organisation to get your employees communicating more confidently and effectively in English.



English doesn’t need to be complicated. We believe in simplifying English to suit your organisation’s needs. Our Access to Working English services will focus on making English work for you. From English communication training, to revising documentation, to creating style guides and templates for emails and other company documents; we work with your employees to increase their confidence and improve their communication. Better communication increases efficiency and saves time and money.

Not convinced? Take a look at the facts*: English proficiency goes hand-in-hand with-

  • exports per capita
  • higher income
  • trade in services
  • ease of doing business
  • and even quality of life.

*Source: Education First English Proficiency Index 2012 (