Human Resources

Training materials development

Every company is unique. And so are their training needs. You provide quality, bespoke training services without compromise. But this requires huge investment. Tailoring each training session to meet the specific needs of your client means writing, re-writing, editing, and adapting your training materials.  And that’s where English Matters comes in.

We write. But we also train, and that’s why we’re the ideal people to help you take care of your training materials. We write from scratch or edit, revise, or reshape what you have, to produce training materials that reflect best business practices and the standards of professionalism and expertise that you provide in your training.

We write, so that you can spend more time doing what you do best: training.

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Policies and procedures development

Every company wants to optimise employee productivity, and lack of efficiency can cost your company time and money. Clear communication is essential for maintaining effectiveness in the workplace. Unclear internal documentation leaves employees confused, and ultimately can result in lost time and costly errors.

We write or revise your company’s policies and procedures, ensuring clarity and precision, whilst maintaining accessibility.

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Employee handbooks and forms

Are your employee handbooks and forms working for you? Can employees locate information quickly and easily without having to ask someone else to explain? Your handbooks and forms should be accessible and easy to use for staff at all levels.

We write clear and concise handbooks that will increase efficiency. We also get rid of intimidating and confusing forms and develop user-friendly documents that get the job done.

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Job descriptions

Writing comprehensive job descriptions can be a tedious task. Sometimes, when it comes to putting words onto paper, even the most familiar of processes can become difficult to explain. We sit with you and get to know the job role as well as you. Armed with notes and knowledge, we then do the hard part for you, and produce a job description that’s complete, precise and easy to understand. 

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