Course Development

At the very foundation of the training process is the appraisal process. Identifying key competencies, and whether they are being met in your organisation, begins the path to training.

But no two organisations are the same. What your workforce needs to meet your expectations is unique and specific. When it comes to training, there is no ‘one size fits all’.

So, what if you could have a training course that was designed specifically for you? What if the course structure was built around your needs and the training materials were written from scratch? English Matters can offer just that. Our courses are developed and designed by our trainers according to your needs. This means that no matter how particular your requirements are, we can create a course that fits.

We start with a face-to-face meeting to get to know you. We’ll talk to you about what your goals are and establish where we can fit in.

Pre-course diagnostics help us to further identity the gaps in key competencies and develop a programme that really delivers what your people need.

We develop our own materials and can accommodate the content you need in the time you can spare. We build close working relationships with our clients that go far beyond the training course. We give you the confidence from course design right through to course evaluations. We’re working for you every step of the way.