English and Communication

At English Matters, we believe in striving for standards of excellence in English communication. Our English and Communication programmes facilitate your drive forward in an English-focussed global society. The English language is becoming ever more dominant in the business world, and the ability to communicate clearly and confidently in English is fundamental to the professional success of individuals and companies.

We build confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to empower our trainees to get the most out of communication. Our trainers are passionate about English and have diverse experience of teaching English at all levels. Our energetic training activities break barriers and get trainees using English in real-life situations, sending them back to the workplace with new-found confidence.

  • Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Effective Business Communication Principles and Practices
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Business Writing Training
  • Reports and Proposals Training
  • Technical Report Writing Training
  • Captivating Presentations Training
  • Business Correspondence and Emails Training
  • Business English Language Conversation Training
  • Body Language and NLP Training
  • Active Assertiveness Training
  • Intensive English for Banking Training
  • Effective Policies and Procedures Development

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