Who We Are

English Matters

Our story:

We are professional English Communication Consultants, passionate about communication and training.

Since our establishment in the summer of 2011, we have sharpened our focus to concentrate on providing professional writing and training services to the business world.

We facilitate your drive forward in an increasingly competitive English-focussed world.

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What we believe:

We're here to develop your company and people. Whether that's helping you to get your message across, empowering your team with the skills they need to communicate your message more effectively, or giving your workforce transformational training, we're passionate about your drive forward.

  • We believe in always striving for standards of excellence in English communication.
  • We believe in facilitating your drive forward in an English-focussed global society.
  • We believe in creating training courses that fit your needs and add real value to your employees and company.
  • We believe that learning should be fun and training should be memorable. 

Our Mission:

To empower business professionals for success in an English-focussed global society.

Our Vision:

We will be the only choice for business professionals who push for excellence in English communication and strive to lead the way in our increasingly competitive English-focussed global society. Our training services complement your company vision and empower your people. 

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